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Friday, November 05, 2010

To Accident and Emergency . . . Again!

Carol came home from work at the Academy at midday yesterday. She said that she was in a lot of pain in her ribs. On Monday there had been an incident when some children had barged into her coming into the building and she had got in the way and she'd been pushed against a door and was hurt. I was somewhat concerned this morning when the pain didn't go away. She took paracetemol yesterday and this morning I thought it a good idea to get a doctor's appointment.  She sent in cover for her lessons and then I rang the Academy to say that she wouldn't be in. They knew that she was injured and that was why she came home early yesterday lunchtime. We then decided it would be better to go to either Accident and Emergency or the Walk-In Centre to get it checked out. I have First Aid training, but as there was nothing broken or bleeding there wasn't a lot I could do, except go with her to hospital. As I say, we could go to either the Walk-In Centre or Accident and Emergency, but I'm not sure what the difference is between the two services, except perhaps the Walk-In Centre is for minor illnesses rather than accidents (I went through A and E when I was last in Milton Keynes Hospital having had an angina attack which didn't subside.)

We drove to the Hospital. The parking arrangements are such that you have to pay, and get a ticket as you drive through the barrier and then, before you leave, you put this ticket into another machine in which you put the cash after the machine has processed the cost of your visit. Does that make sense? Then you use the ticket to get out of the car park.  Anyway, we managed to park and then went into the Accident and Emergency department. I'm begin to get a feeling of deja vous coming to this place, the number of times I've been here recently.

The waiting area was packed. We had to sign in (for want of a better term to describe it) and were told it would be a least 20 minutes before Carol would be seen, so we sat in the waiting area. Time seemed to pass slowly, as it always does in such places, but then a nurse called Carol forward. Carol went through what had happened again and was told that, due to the type of injury she had received, there wasn't a great deal they could do. She should go home and take paracetamol and just rest. If we wanted to stay and see a doctor we could, but as there was nothing much they could do we decided to leave and go home.

I had to get a repeat prescription and as the surgery is a short walk away from the hospital we left the car in the hospital car park and walked through the underpass towards the doctor's surgery. I handed over the repeat prescription form and got a prescription for Carol which had been waiting for the past few days. I'd taken that into the surgery on Monday.We then walked to the pharmacy which is just a short walk along the parade of shops from the surgery to get the prescription made up. We had to wait ten minutes or so to get the medications made so we went into the Co-Op grocery store to get some items for lunch, soup, bread and doughnuts. They do some really nice ones, filled with custard, and they are buy-one-get-one free, so we had one packet to put in the freezer. Actually, they are even nicer if they are partly frozen and the custard is just beginning to thaw out . . . but that's something else . . . Then we returned to the pharmacy for the medication and then walked back to the hospital carpark, and put the ticket in the ticket machine and pay for the time in the car park . . . Yes, I know, it does get rather complex, but that's life.

We then returned home. A little later I got a phone call from the doctor's surgery to say that I would have to have a doctor's appointment before the doctor could make out a prescription for the Pravastatin which was on the repeat prescription form. I couldn't make the appointment then (which, logically, would be the obvious, simple thing to do.) but would have to ring on Monday to do so. I was also told that I'd need to have a blood test, then I told them I'd gone through all that when I'd been in hospital a few weeks ago. I'm not having another blood test just for the sake of it.

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