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Monday, March 12, 2012

Visit to Waddesdon Manor

Yesterday the weather was exceptionally warm and spring-like, so after church we decided to go out in the car. Anything to get out of the house, and particularly away from Milton Keynes, and the weather is usually an excuse to visit somewhere or other. Having our National Trust  membership is generally a good thing as you can get into their properties for nothing. We filled up the car at the Shell petrol station and then went out of Milton Keynes along Standing Way. We went to Stowe Landscape Gardens a couple of weeks ago (see earlier post) when we took Poppy and Alfie, but this time we left them at home. We drove out towards Buckingham, but once there decided to head for Waddesdon Manor, which is near Aylesbury. We've been several times before, but not for a while. The house itself is well worth a look-round, but it wasn't open but the grounds were. The house will re-open in a couple more weeks, around Easter. We were quite surprised how close we were able to park to the Manor, along the avenue which leads up to the main entrance.

 Waddesdon Manor, from front, in summer
 Rear view of Waddesdon Manor
 Fountain statues, shrouded, to protect them from winter frosts.
 Fountains, working in summer
 Waddesdon Manor, from lawns, below parterre
 Flower bird, in full bloom
 Avery, in summer
Strange, mysterious, shrouded statue.
The place was really busy, the early spring sunshine bringing families out and there were lots of pushchairs with young children in being pushed around the place by parents. We walked down to the stable block where there is a shop and restaurant but were really surprised to find that both were shut. We eventually got coffee and sausage rolls from a kiosk near the house. The price for two coffees and sausage rolls was £9 which was somewhat expensive, although the coffee was good and the rolls were tasty and hot. We went round the gardens and tooks photographs, including the aviary which is full of exotic birds. The many and various statues in the gardens were shrouded in sheets, to protect them from winter frosts. Also, the fountain on the parterre had been drained and the statues also shrouded in sheeting. We had a further wander and then headed back to the car and home.
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