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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visit To Woburn Abbey

 Deer at Woburn Abbey Park 

Well, it was sunny and warm yesterday morning (Saturday) so we decided to go out. It was a necessity to just get out of Milton Keynes, after the dismal Bank Holiday. We didn't want to drive far, as petrol is such a price, so we went to Woburn Abbey as there is currently a display of sculpture on in the gardens. It's just pleasant driving through the park in the sunshine and seeing all the deer. We drove round towards the Abbey, paying at the gate and saw herds of deer under the trees, and stopped to take some photographs from the car.

Parked the car at the carpark. There is to be a charity run for the British Heart Foundation, so there are preparations for this in and around the carpark, for example tents being erected and other things going on, but that is tomorrow. We walked into the grounds, and found that you now have to enter through the gift shop. A very clever ploy, this, which means you are going to spend money in the shop. It doesn't really bother us as there is some nice stuff in there, compared to some other places we've visited. The last time we came here was several years ago, when we were members of the H.H.A. (The Historic Houses Association.) This is similar to the National Trust, whereby if you become a member you gain free access to houses and other properties in their protection or management. We were able to go to quite a few other properties when we were members, such as Blenheim Palace and Newby Hall in Yorkshire. Blenheim has been used for quite a few films, such as the Kenneth Branagh version of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' whilst Newby was used in an I.T.V. adaptation of a Jane Austen novel which starred Billie Piper.

In the gardens at Worburn Abbey there was a sculpture exhibition,  called Artbeat, which was just suited to the location, and it was pleasant to walk round and admire the works on display (or otherwise, as some of the more abstract work doesn't appeal to either of us, although some of it is interesting, nevertheless.)

These giant glasses are somewhat amusing, to say the least, although to be honest, I don't see them as 'art.' They are quite large, and you don't unfortunately, get much of an idea of scale in this photograph. This sculpture was created by Grande Disco, a collaborative project created by the artist Joel Grey in conjunction with Solubema, the largest quarry in Portugal.

I rather like these sculptures, entitled Paladins, created by Kate Denton. Further down is a close-up shot of one of the sculptures.

Love this sculpture of a dog,  by Kate Denton, complete with a stick in it's mouth. You get a sense of it enjoying it's owner throwing the stick and then going to fetch it. Quite beautifully portrayed and very realisitic.

The above dog is displayed in this grouping, with the woman sitting and relaxing on the bench and the dog in front of her waiting to play a game with her, perhaps going to fetch a stick she has thrown for him.

This I love. A pig sculpted by Kate Denton.

Not so keen on this. Interesting all the same. Just doesn't resonate for me I'm afraid.

These figures have a real sense of movement and are real fun. I rather like them.

Having walked around the garden looking at the sculpture we went to the tearoom and had something to eat. No visit to one of these places is complete without a bite to eat and drink. We were surprised at how empty the place was. On arrival there were very few cars, or, indeed, people around the place, but by the time we left it was beginning to get quite busy. No doubt it will be full of tourist around the time of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend in a month or so's time as it will no doubt be the sort of place that tourists will flock to.
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