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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dark Morning

I walked Carol to the Academy as usual. We left the house at round about 7.10. It did seem extremely dark, more so than usual. I can't think why. At least you know that once you get over the 'bump' of Christmas and the New Year the days will get longer and the mornings get lighter and lighter as the months pass, but this morning it seemed incredibly dark, and the sun was on the point of rising as we crossed the footbridge on the Redway.

I had an email yesterday inviting me to register with an agency in Birmingham to do 'walk-on' work. I have replied and I have to go to register in two week's time. I'm not holding my breath too long, as I got nothing out of my time being on the books of the Casting Collective (London agency.) I'll keep you posted if anything comes of this.
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