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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Day

The day has started sunny, but it is quite chilly outside. I think there may have been a slight frost. They (the television weather forecasters) are saying that this heatwave (if that is the right term, considering it's April) is going to end and we can expect rain. Typical, as we lead up to the Easter break. Carol has until the end of the week, when the school holiday begins. The Academy has different term dates to the rest of the schools in Milton Keynes, which broke up last Friday, which seems really unfair on the staff and kids.

Yesterday I got a call from the Fleet Manager at Milton Keynes Council and actually got an apology for the incident I reported on this blog last week. So at least that is resolved.

I went to have a blood test at the doctor's surgery yesterday morning, and again, no success. What happens now? This is getting really silly. Any suggestions, anyone?

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