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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alfie Goes Missing . . . Again!

I let the dogs out early this morning. It was around 5 a.m. I was about to make tea, as I usually do. I was keeping an eye on Alfie, to see where he was, and then saw that he wasn't anywhere to be found. I went into the garden and went to where I'd last seen him, near the gate in the corner at the bottom of the garden. I saw that there was a hole at the bottom of the gate, and no Alfie. I went into the house to get dressed (at that point I was in pyjamas and slippers) and shot upstairs. Carol was just waking up, and I got dressed quickly and told her that Alfie was missing. I went out of the house through the front door, along the road and through the gap in the houses and onto the Red Way. I eventually got to the path (if you can really call it that- it's so over-grown you can hardly get through) and pushed my way through the bushes and got to the back of the garden. I found Alfie, and he came to me and let me pick him up. I returned to the Red Way to find Carol had come out and was calling me, as I'd come through the gap between the houses higher up the road and we went back home. Alfie was really trembling. I think he was more scared than anything else. He'd got out, but couldn't find his way back in. We have managed to block up the hole at the bottom of the gate, but I'm now worried that Alfie will try and get through somewhere else, as he doesn't give up once he gets started.
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