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Monday, June 27, 2011

Visit to Brighton and Worthing- Part 2

I have to say that a lot of places that we visit have really poor, or at least, confusing, signage. Never more so as we approached Worthing, and also in the centre of the town. The Travelodge we were booked into was on the sea front, and you would imagine that there would be signs saying 'To The Seafront.' As the sea is the main reason people visit such places and that they would want to get there on arrival, signs so saying would be a priority. The place has a really confusing one-way system. We had looked at Google Maps at home, so we had a vague idea how to get to the seafront. We eventually found the Travelodge and parked the car opposite the hotel. It was one of those places where you have to park your car and then find a meter to pay. Fortunately we had enough change on us, and anyway, the parking payments finished at 6 p.m. We had decided that we would go to Brighton the next day (Thursday) and make it part of our return journey to Milton Keynes, but as we were parking the car, we saw a bus turn up outside the hotel, with 'Brighton' on the front, so we decided to unload our luggage and sign in to the hotel and then catch the bus to Brighton, rather than go in the morning. We asked at the reception desk about the busses to Brighton and discovered that they ran about every ten minutes and cost about £7 return. So we returned to the front of the hotel where the bus stop was and waited for the next bus to Brighton. There wasn't much else to do in Worthing (it was around 4 at this time.) so a trip along the coast to Brighton seemed a good idea. It also meant that we wouldn't have to worry about driving there or finding a parking space in Brighton.

It was pleasant just sitting on the bus and enjoying the scenery as it went past. The journey took around 30-45 minutes.

I have to admit that there's nothing particularly exciting about Brighton. It has the seaside and the Pavilion, but that's it. Oh, and the Pier, of course. I know the film 'Brighton Rock' (the black-and-white version.) and the latest version where made and set there. 'Guenevieve' the classic film starring Kenneth More and Kay Kendal was partly set and filmed there, as well as the Richard Attenborough-directed film of 'Oh What A Lovely War' was filmed on the pier. (I have just realised that he was in 'Brighton Rock' as Pinkie.) But otherwise than that, it's not a particularly exciting place. I suppose 'The Lanes' are interesting and there are quite a few quirky shops there, mostly antiques and collectables, but considering the amount of time it took us to get there, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

We went to the Pavilion, but didn't go inside. We decided that we might come back some time in the future, but not drive there. We can go from Bedford Midland Road railway station on a Thameslink train and go through London, and it'll take around two hours (which I've done before now.) Certainly a good deal less stress than driving. Anyway, Carol was intrigued by what she saw of the Royal Pavilion. It doesn't seem real, somehow. I know, from what I have seen on television lately, that Queen Victoria wasn't impressed that 'Prinney' (The Prince Regent.) was so extravagant over the cost of building it, and she was persuaded not to have the place demolished when she came to the throne in 1837. Probably a good thing she didn't as it is really amazing. We took lots of photographs, as we always do whenever we visit anywhere.

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