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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday In Yorkshire- Part 6

The remainder of the week was spend relaxing. We went to Bempton Cliffs, very close to where we stayed on Flamborough Head. The cliffs are up to 400 feet high, and we were somewhat surprised to find fishermen with all their fishing gear, rods, nets etc. perched on the very edge of the cliffs, fishing! It was a complete surprise and we wondered how dangerous it could be. But Carol spoke to one of these fishermen and discovered that he was fishing for cod, and that he had caught cod up to 10 lb in weight! He was perched on the very edge of the cliff, and was in danger of falling over the edge and into the sea! This area of the coast is an R.S.P.B. reserve (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.). The next day we went to Dane's Dyke, which we had seen signposted on the road between Flamborough Head and Bridlington. We went there with the dogs (having parked, we discovered we would need to pay, and the parking ticket machine was some considerable distance from the actual car park.) and then walked down through the woods towards the beach, and discovered a really beautiful beach, and the sea was as still as a mill-pond and looked like the Mediterranean Sea rather than the North Sea.

Woodland at Dane's Dyke
 Beach at Dane's Dyke.

We found a display board near the beach, and on it we read that the coast around Flamborough Head is a 'No-Take' zone, which means there is no fishing, nothing to be taking at all. There is a limit of so much  going out to sea from the shore-line, but it would appear that those fishermen we came across at Bempton Cliffs are breaking the law. I'm not sure what the legal position is, but I would say they are definitely breaking the 'No-Take' regulations.

Bridlington seen from Dane's Dyke Beach

We came home from Yorkshire on the Friday morning, leaving quite early. We made sure that the cottage was left clean and tidy, loaded up our things in the car and got the two dogs settled in the back. We left around 8 a.m. The journey back to Milton Keynes was relatively uneventful, although once we got on the Motorway the level of traffic increased considerably. There were no hold-ups to speak of and we got home around 2 p.m. Immediately we got in we had an hour's rest and then Carol went with Daniel to Asda to do more shopping. We hadn't used all the food up we'd bought when we were away in Yorkshire, but there were a few items which were needed for the weekend.
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