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Monday, December 19, 2011

Carol Concert at Milton Keynes Christian Centre

There was a carol concert at Milton Keynes Christian Centre (M.K.C.C. )yesterday evening. Carol and I helped to set up the Father Christmas grotto, and were supposed to be 'shadowing' so as to join the Welcome Team,  (our first official time on the team will be around 16th January) but it turned out that there were more than enough people to help. Apart from Father Christmas, there were lots of other activities going on in the church foyer, for example, photographs being taken, a stall selling christmassy items, someone singing together with a choir, lots to eat and drink, and then at 5.30 the concert began. Sam, Carol's youngest son, came with us. Daniel made some excuse saying that he had to finish a college assignment, but it was a pity he couldn't come. The whole place was heaving and there must have been 100% in the main auditorium.

Daniel has now got his university place at Newcastle. Sam has come home from Nottingham University, having begun an engineering degree, so the house has been busy the past couple of days. 

It is cold, windy and wet outside (as I write this at 2.45).
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