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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Dog-Walking at Rushmere and TV Location for Sky TV Gameshow 'Wild Thing"

We went swimming at D.W. Fitness early this morning, getting there a little after they opened at 8 a.m. The place was virtually empty which means we had the pool fairly free which was great. Only problem was it was exceptionally cold which didn't help as one of my arms ached and so I didn't do that many lengths of the pool. We spent most of the time in the jacuzzi and I went into the hot room which seemed to relieve the pain in my arm. 

It is beginning to become quite cold early-morning. Fairly misty as we left the house but it soon warmed up as the morning progressed and so much so that by the time we left D.W. the sun was almost out. We drove to Morrison's at Westcroft to do some shopping. Really tired when we got home. We had something to eat and had a rest and then Carol suggested taking the dogs out as it seemed a waste to let such a pleasant day go without going out somewhere and the two dogs deserved an outing of some sort. It took some considerable effort and subterfuge to get Alfie's cage out of the house and into the back of the car, and then get both dogs into their harnesses. As I've mentioned on several occasions on here this can be quite a trial as Alfie becomes like the Tasmanian Devil whenever he gets even the slightest hint that we're going out. But eventually they were both harnessed and Alfie jumped into the back of the car and settled into the cage  like a good little dog. He now seems to accept it  quite happily as he knows he is going out for a walk.

As we went down the A5 (we were on our way toe Rushmere Country Park.) we saw signs up which showed 'WT VOC' which suggested to me that there must be a filming location somewhere nearby. From experience of doing walk-on work for television (as mentioned in earlier posts, on such things as 'Lovejoy', 'Middlemarch,' ''Allo, 'Allo' etc etc.) I am used to having to find locations and following these signs which are usually disguised by using cryptic codes such as this 'WT VOC'which ae often used to deter members of the public and press discovering the locations.

We were more than surprised when we found that this location was actually where we were going at Rushmere and on arrival at the carpark we saw the bandwagon that was set up for the television crew and posters put up which mentioned that the county park was being used for filming a Sky TV gameshow called "Wild Thing." We then discovered that we couldn't let the dogs off their leads and that some of the woodland paths which we usually use when we visit Rushmere were closed off, presumably because the production company making this programmed did not want members of the public getting too close to the set.  There appeared to be no shooting that we could see when we were there, as presumably they don't shoot over the weekend.

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