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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Deluge (to put it mildly . . .)

What on earth has happened to the weather? I realise that the British climate can play strange tricks, but lately we've had really awful weather. It is June, after all, but certainly not 'flaming June.' I went out to buy a loaf of bread this morning, and found that I needed to put on some sort of coat to keep off the rain. At that point, before I'd actually left the house and got in the car, it was raining, although a little more than drizzle. By the time I'd got outside and was in the car, the heavens opened and there was a downpour. I drove in the direction of Lidl at Oldbrook Boulevarde, with the roads awash, and the car windscreen-wipers going at full speed. The rain continued unabated, and the water was running along the side of the roads much like a river. I got to the carpark at Lidl and found it closed off as there were workmen resurfacing the carpark and a man preventing traffic entering with a 'stop-go' board, so I turned round and came away. Goodness knows how many other people were put off by this. I went to the Co-Op at Netherfield and got bread there, by which time the rain had virtually stopped.
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