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Friday, September 28, 2012


The weather, as usual, is being very undecided. It was bright sunshine here yesterday morning, then, mid-afternoon, it rained briefly, but then the sun came out later. We haven't fortunately had the torrential rain other parts of the country have had, but no doubt the local rivers are overflowing. I'm not sure about the Grand Union Canal, which is not far from here. What happens with canals? Do they open sluices as they do with rivers, to let out the excess water? I never know how they keep canals topped up with water. How are they fed with water? What happens in a drought? The technology intrigues me, locks and so on.

As a result of the weather, you never know exactly what to wear, because it's quite chilly first thing in the morning, then, as the day progresses, it seems to get warmer so if you put on a thicker jacket, you get too hot. It's certainly very autumnal. It's now getting darker earlier and it's getting light in the morning a lot later. Also, the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour, and if past years are to go by, they'll be quite vivid when they do change colour.
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