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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mixed Weather and Water Meters

It was quite cold and miserable early this morning, but the sun was out. There was a strange sky, in that the sun seemed to light up the clouds in a sort of pinkish glow. There has been rain, but as I write this, it's stopped.

We now have water meters. There were workmen along the road last week digging up the path along the front of all the houses. I think there was already  plumbing for meters, but they weren't connected. They put up barriers around the work, which have since been moved. We did get notification of this several weeks ago from Anglian Water, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

Thinking about the title for this post: it's somewhat enigmatic. It would make you want to find out more if you read it. What has mixed weather got to do with water meters? If you didn't know what a water meter was, you might want to find out by reading the post. A good title for a short story or even a novel. Perhaps, even a chapter in a novel.
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