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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Stating The Obvious

We got a certain amount of amusement out of reading the manual for our lovely new, shiny Biko electric oven. They are really taking the 'health and safety' regulations too far. Read the following examples:
 First off: Hot surfaces may cause burns. Oh dear. It's an OVEN. It will get HOT. So, you could get BURNT. What a surprise.
Wire shelf. Used for roasting and placing the food to be baked, roasted or cooked in casserole dishes to the desired rack. Are their customers/users so SIMPLE they don't know what a shelf in an oven is for?
 Product may be hot when in use. Never touch the hot burners, inner sections or the oven, heaters etc. Again, dear me, am I REALLY that unintelligent that I don't realise that surfaces, burners etc will get hot and likely to BURN ME?? Please, am I so dumb I don't already know this?
I could find many more of these. When I do, I'm going to post them on here. One I could mention is printed on paper cups that have tea or coffee served in them, usually from such take-away outlets such as Starbucks or MacDonald's, making such boneheaded statements such 'hot contents may scould.' Or on obviously breakeble items such as china plates 'will break if dropped on hard surfaces.'
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