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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Wild and Windy Weather

We went early to get petrol from the Shell station in Grafton Street before Carol went to work this morning. I had problems with using the card in the self-service pump. They are a good idea in principal, meaning that you don't have to go into the shop and possibly queue up to pay at the till, but the thing seemed reluctant to 'read' the card and then, once that was rectified, on putting in the loyalty card, that wouldn't respond as it should. There was no indication as to which way up this card was supposed to go into the slot, which didn't exactly help, but after some effort it decided to work and I was able to put £10-worth of petrol in the car. As we drove round to the filling station we were struck by the sunrise. It was really very beautiful with most of the sky a bright red. I would have liked to have taken a photograph but by the time I had got home to collect the camera it would have been too late as the red of the sky was fading fast. 
It was really quite chilly when we got in the car and the wind was rising considerably. We have been warned on the television news that there will be  yet another powerful storm either today or tomorrow and something about high tides along the east coast, a sort of surge, but I'm not clear exactly. It must be serious as apparently the Thames barrier is to be closed. As I write this there is quite a strong wind blowing and howling around the house, whipping up clouds of fallen leaves.
With the crimson-coloured sky I was put in mind of the saying 'red sky at night, shepherd's delight/Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.' I just hope the forecast for storms and sea-surges doesn't mean a lot of damage and chaos. If so, the well-known saying will be completely correct and not just another so-called old-wives tale. And could someone tell me who this 'old wives' were and why they kept coming up with their sayings, correct or otherwise?
Watching the BBC lunchtime news it looks as if the storm has hit already. When the Environment Agency is involved and places are being evacuated, things must be getting really bad. They are saying it could be one of the worst storms for 60 years.
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