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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Severe Weather

At 6.15 this morning we had a very violent rainstorm here. We were sitting in bed watching the  B.B.C. Breakfast programme and drinking our tea when the sound of the most intense rainfall could be heard outside. It sounded as if the roof of the house was going to be torn off. I suppose it lasted a couple of minutes but it was actually quite frightening and we were more than pleased when it eventually came to an end. As I write this at 9.05 a.m. there is still the sound of rain outside. It has gone very dark and having seen the weather forecast on television no doubt we will get more rain. Over the past few weeks we have endured some extreme weather and we were due to visit the in-laws in Bournemouth over the Christmas and New Year break but decided that it might be a good idea to postpone the visit and perhaps go down in the spring when, hopefully, the weather improves.  We usually go out and visit somewhere ever the Christmas break, but due to the wether we haven't been anywhere, unfortunately. We had a very strong wind a couple of weeks ago which tore down part of the garden fence. Our beloved landlord has absolutely no intention of replacing any of the fence, although it is in a very poor state of repair. We managed to stand the fence panel up which was blown down, wedging some old garden chairs against it in an attempt to make it safe. This happened for a second time, and the section of fence seemed to have been lifted up further into the garden by the wind but we had to stand it up again, suggesting that the wind must hvave been extremely strong.  The entire fence is now in such a poor state of repair that it is well past the point where it actually needs to be completely replaced and has sections of old table and other odd bits of timber leant against it to prevent the dogs getting out. Our main concern is for the safety of the dogs as they have a tendency to wander off if given the chance. Alfie, more than Poppy, would be off up the Redway if he got out. Poppy has wandered off, having got out presumably through the back of the equally dilapidated garden shed, as the neighbour's cats seem to enjoy using it as somewhere to sleep, and the door to this shed is off it's hinges and it is something of a trial keeping it in place and so keep the dogs out. Whenever the cat appears in the green, all hell is let loose when the dogs see it, but it seems to have the upper hand as it knows full well that they can't get to it as it sits on the roof of the shed or walks along the top of the fence.
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