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Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Swim

As Carol is on half-term this week we decided to make the best use of our gym membership and so went to D.W. just before 9 a.m. to have a swim this morning. It was virtually empty, apart from one woman swimming up and down and making quite a noise about it. I did around 20 lengths of the pool and then went in the steam room for 5-10 minutes and we then both went in the jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Both very chilled out and relaxed by the time we left. A good hour or so there. Next we drove to M.K.C.C (Milton Keynes Christian Centre) and had coffee in the coffee shop, Strudwick's, and ordered panninis (cheese and ham) which were really tasty. Considering we hadn't had breakfast which, on a school day we have at 6.15, meant we were quite hungry after the swimming session. Good value and well worth a visit. Really surprised how busy it was in there.

The sun has been out most of the day. Certainly makes  change from the awful weather we've been having lately. Good that there's no wind as it was getting quite scary. Part of the roof of the Xcape centre was blown off a few days ago. No real signs of wind-damage as compared to other parts of the country as seen on television news, but it has been a bit scary, what with trees being torn up and crashing to to cars and power lines. We haven't been out much in the car apart from going to Morrisons for shopping on Saturday morning.
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