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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Car Starts

We've had a busy day. Doing not much at all, really. Carol wanted a doctor's appointment and she got one booked at 3.50. We had heard nothing from Mark, the car mechanic so we sent a text message. He said he'd come as soon as he could, between 4 and 5. We booked a taxi to take us to the doctor's in Beanhill. We had texted Mark to say that we'd be gone to the doctor's and that we'd leave the car open and with the keys in so that he could have a look at the car. We also told our neighbours, Gary and Shelly, as we didn't want them thinking Mark was trying to steal the car if they saw him looking at the car. It could have resulted in all sorts of misunderstandings hence them being told. The taxi arrived in good time, by 3.20 so we got to the surgery with plenty of time to spare. Fortunately Carol was seen within 10 minutes of arriving, and came out of the surgery with a prescription which we too immediately to the pharmacy next door. Quite a few people in there waiting, but no sooner had we got the made-up prescription we went out and phoned for a taxi for home. Meanwhile Mark phoned to say that the car had no oil in it which was why it wouldn't start but he had managed to get it going. Then a taxi cab arrived but it turned out not to be for us but the correct one came and we got home. It's barely a five-minute journey if there is little traffic. On arriving home Mark told us we needed to put oil in the car and I was surprised it was so low. Not just low, but non-existent. I went with him to get oil from a near-by petrol station but on the way his van ran out of diesel. We had to leave the van on the side of the road, with traffic hurtling past as full speed as by now it was going-home time. A somewhat hairy experience walking along the grass verge and crossing the dual carriageway but we got the diesel and the oil at the nearby BP service station. We got back to the van and Mark put the diesel into the fuel tank and we drove home.  On the way back to Eaglestone we drove along Marlborough Street and saw a lot of flashing blue lights and two cars had a quid spectacular crash quite near the hospital turning and police and other emergency vehicles nearby. No sign of any injured people but from the state of the two cars more than likely some casualties. No doubt it will be in he local media tomorrow. Oil put into car and it seems to be running fine. Just now trust that this is the last problem with the car for a while and we can enjoy the remainder of Carol's summer holiday.
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