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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Another Cold and Frosty Morning

The water wasn't warm this morning. I was somewhat annoyed as I have only just put credit on our meter (one of those jobs you have to top up with a key. We usually go to the local shop in Eaglestone.) You then have to get the step-stool and go outside to the bin cupboard, open the door and climb up on the step-stool and stretch your arm in to the back of the cupboard and put the yellow plastic card into the meter. You have to press one of the two buttons and hold it and the meter should make a sort of whirring sound which denotes that the credit is on the meter. In theory at least the digital display should now show the credit. You have to remember to turn off the gas near the boiler in the kitchen. But this morning it didn't work and the little red light on the boiler continued to blink. It was something to do with the water pressure in the boiler which had to be adjusted and the central heating burst into life.  The electric meter is inside the house which isn't so difficult to reach, and you can see the amount left on the digital read-out as you walk upstairs. This meter is actually behind the bin cupboard and i'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to have both meters on the inside of the house and so avoid this sort of situation, having the electric and gas meters side by side. It was something to do with the fact that it was very frosty and cold first thing this morning, a considerable drop in temperature from what it has been over the past week or two. There was frost on the car windscreen and I had to spray de-icer on it before we could drive out of the estate. It may be cold but as I write this it is sunny and another of those days which are deceptive as it looks very warm but once you go outside it's quite chilly.
Later in the day I drove to Oldbrook Boulevarde to go to Lidl's. I parked the car outside the Tesco Express store but walked over to Lidl's which is only a short walk away. I have been noticing the building work going on outside Lidl's and it is now well underway. They had put up a sort of temporary fence a few weeks ago and the work progresses on building what is obviously an extension. One end of the carpark where I generally park when I shop around there is cordoned off and has a sign for construction use only. There was a large crane on the site the other day when I went there but it seems to have gone and there were quite a few workmen in yellow hard hats walking about. The other morning when I went into Lidl's there were several men in suits walking around with one lady amongst them with clipboards and they were looking at the carpark immediately outside the store and I noticed them walking around the store so perhaps they are planning more work both inside and out. Ironic that Tesco's are experiencing problems at the moment, not hitting profit margins they were expecting to together with their share price falling considerably while Lidl and Aldi's fortunes are rising sharply. This might explain why they are extending the store. I don't know whether this is happening to all their stores across the country, but I expect it is.
On the way back home I saw an old lady pushing her shopping trolley along the road. I've seen her several times before, but it does seem to me somewhat dangerous to be pushing a trolley along the road when she could just as easily walk along the Redway and prevent being run into.
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