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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Getting Colder and Foggier

It was particularly cold first thing this morning. I had to scrape ice off the windscreen of the car and then there was fog which made things even more difficult. Carol has taken the car to drive to the Academy this morning as I don't need to have it. She was telling me that yesterday they had a lot of problems at the Academy, not least that there was a power serge and the whole electricity supply was down which meant they couldn't use any computers and then there was a burst sewage pipe which doesn't bear thinking about the consequences of that. As so much in that building relies on the computers, for example, registration, it must have been extremely difficult to operate properly. How, for example, would you teach I.T. (Information Technology) if you couldn't use computers? Also, so many of Carol's lessons use Powerpoint or she has documents on computer files such as Word and other software.

I am into week five of the Starting Writing Fiction course from Futurelearn. I must say, all things considered, it is a good deal better than the course I started which was run as an evening class at Milton Keynes Academy. It's a good deal more challenging. I have not completed all of the assignments but this is due to our situation at home, but, being an on-line course and not having any sort of time restraints on handing in work as you might have on a conventional course, you can work at your own pace and go back and re-do bits that you have any difficulties with. I have posted some written work and get feedback from other people as well as have work critiqued.

Having said that the weather has been a good deal colder, yesterday it was quite sunny once the fog had dispersed. It also resulted in some quite spectacular skies over Milton Keynes, some amazing cloud formations and the colours were very striking. I would have taken the digital camera out and photographed some of it but by the time I'd got back into the house it had changed and it wouldn't have been worth the effort so I left it.
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