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Friday, December 12, 2014

Child Killed Crossing Road in Milton Keynes

Dreadfully sad news this morning about the 12-year old girl who was run over and has died as a result of crossing the road near Netherfield, Milton Keynes at around 5.15 last night. I can't understand how this can happen as there are bridges and underpasses so you should never need to cross any of the grid roads around Milton Keynes. People are saying on Facebook that the underpasses are unsafe as there are always crowds of youths hanging around near them and that they are poorly lit. I have read several news items about people being mugged, assaulted, raped etc in and around Milton Keynes. And where are the police who should make some sort of presence so that people can feel safe and secure? Never any when they could prevent this sort of incident. Then, where this girl's parents and how on earth did they let their child out at that time of the evening when the light is failing? I feel sorry for the driver of the car which hit the child. I think parents should take far more responsibility for their children. Or at least teach them some sort of road sense. There's a  40 M.P.H. speed limit along Saxon Street near Eaglestone. But most drivers never obey the limit. It's quite difficult to drive along that stretch of road and keep to the limit as there are always drivers who come up behind you an try to get you to drive faster. But as there's no police around to check this limit is obeyed, it's no wonder drivers go faster than 40.  The irony is that this speed limit was put in place because a child was killed somewhere along that stretch of road who was apparently a pupil at the Milton Keynes Academy. Also, I think because the hospital is in Eaglestone. It's the same as drivers who will insist on using their mobile phones as they drive, even though it is illegal. Very dangerous, in my opinion, as how on earth can you concentrate on the road when you're talking on a phone? I've even heard that people are seen on the M1 driving at around 70 whilst texting!
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