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Friday, June 19, 2015

Grass Cutting and Re-drafting Story

I spent some time early yesterday morning mowing the grass. I'm sorry, but calling it a lawn is an insult to the beautifully-turfed spaces most people have in their gardens.  After a minute or two of cutting, there was an ominous sound. I stopped the machine and unplugged it rom the power supply. I up-ended the machine and found that it was clogged up with grass and one of the plastic cutters was sheared off. I managed to find our supply of new blades and fitted it easily and managed to continue with the grass cutting. The grass remains really rough, and tusky and the piece of ground is really uneven.  All this doesn't make the job any easier. I did the job in two 20-minute bouts as it takes it out of me and there's a piece nearest the house that remains which I shall endeavour to complete sometime today. Not a difficult job with our newer mower, but still quite an effort to do it. I thought as it was bright and sunny it was a good idea to get the job over with before the weekend and it's a good idea not to let the grass grow too long as it makes it more of an effort. You have to uncoil the electric cord and plug it in where the fridge/freezer plugs in and pull the cord out into the garden before connecting the cord from the mower which is stored in the shed to the side of the garden.

Later . . . I have now managed to complete the cutting of the grass. Just as well to do it when it's dry as it's not really safe with the electric cable and so on. Also, if the grass is wet it clogs up the machine. Hopefully it should last a a few more weeks until it needs cutting again.

We still live in hope regarding the repairing of the fence. I can't believe it's nearly a year since we had the visit from the landlord and the promise of a replacement fence. Pigs might fly is the term that comes to mind . . .

I am in the middle of re-writing the story I have been developing. I have several sections written and I am sort of assembling it all in the correct order as well as re-drafting what I have written as I go along. It's quite a difficult job as I have it all on various bits of paper. Now I have some of the characters more or less fully developed it really helps the writing. I am really pleased with how it's going.
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