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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Locker Key Panic

We went a good deal later to D.W. Fitness this morning and it was great to find the place virtually empty. None of the crazy people who hog the pool and make a lot of noise into the bargain and no children doing swimming classes. I realise they have to learn at some point, but the woman that teaches them has a really loud voice and it's just not pleasant. I managed around 15 lengths of the pool. We sat in the jacuzzi for a good 20 minutes and one lady, who must have been in her 70's, if not older, said she'd swam a mile. I'm not sure how many lengths of the pool that was.

There was a problem with my locker key. When you use the changing rooms to change you have to put all your belongings in a locker and use your membership card to release the key in the lock. You take the key with you into the gym or swimming pool, and it should have a ring on it with a number which corresponds with your locker. I didn't notice that the key today had no numbered fob on it. I attach the key to my swimming shorts (in one of the pockets) so that I don't loose it. When I came back to the changing room after the swim I didn't realise there was no number on the key ring and could not remember which locker it was. I began to panic as I was getting cold and wanted to get dried and dressed. I eventually had to ask a member of staff to find the locker by going along the row of lockers. I had just forgotten exactly which location it was in. Just going to have to be careful this doesn't happen again when we go to D.W. Fitness. Not a pleasant situation to be in, unfortunately, but it resolved itself in the end. I'll just have to be sure next time I manage to find a locker with a key with a numbered ring on it so as to avoid at all costs a similar incident.

Incidentally, this blog post is number 680.
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