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Friday, January 15, 2016

Cold Weather

We're experiencing a very much colder dose of weather at the moment. I think December must have been one of the mildest on record. We've hardly had the central heating on, except briefly in the evenings, but over the past couple of days, we've had to have it on for far longer. I had to defrost the windscreen this morning, something I haven't had to do this winter. As I write this post, the sun is out and it's relatively warm, but, generally speaking, it's still chilly.

Because of the mild weather, it seems the plants and other wildlife around us are somewhat confused. There are bulbs popping up all around Milton Keynes, particularly on the roundabout at Standing Way. They are daffodils. In other corners of the town, we have seen blossom coming out, several months earlier than usual. Trees are adding and it appears that the grass is still growing. Please, no I don't want to get the mower out. It can wait. I'm just not doing it in early January. It must be some sort of record. Even the squirrels which live in and around our garden are rushing about the place. Don't they hibernate? It must be too early for them to be stirring. No doubt if there is a really sharp frost of even snow, all these bulbs will stop blooming. But from past years, they get a good covering of snow which seems to protect them and then shoot up even faster once it melts.

I'm back up and running with my writing. I managed to make notes for this 'piece' over the Christmas and New Year period which has really made the writing so much easier. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had at last found a way to link the various elements of my 'multi-strand' project together. I am currently working on a schedule and hopefully, will manage to construct the necessary framework for this project. Most of it needs a great deal of re-writing and editing and then transferring to Word so it can be printed out, but I do attempt to avoid too much printing as the ink cartridges are  so expensive and it can be a waste of not just ink but also paper.
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