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Monday, March 14, 2016

Crazy Squirrels and Working Computers

The Macbook is now running normally again. For whatever reason it hasn't been opening for the past couple of days and I've had to use Carol's Toshiba laptop, but it now appears to be fine. I have a feeling it might be something to do with the battery as it seems to become very hot when it's been fully charged. It might be a good idea not to keep it plugged in once it's completed it's charge.

We've been amused by the antics of a couple of squirrels who live in and around our garden. I thought there was one, but I'm sure there's two, or maybe more. I first saw one of them running along the top of the fence (or, at least, what remains of it, as there's a great gap where a section has given up the will to live and looks more like a piece of decking than a fence.) and along the roof of the shed. It jumps onto one if the concrete posts and then off through the gap and then it comes back and this is repeated endlessly. On Sunday morning, this went on for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. The dogs were unaware if these antics, but it started off again early this morning and both dogs barked loudly at them. We didn't open up the sliding patio doors into the garden because Alfie, in particular, would probably try to chase them and most likely end up through the gap in the fence with me in hot pursuit.These squirrels have also been seen running up the trunks of the trees at the rear of the garden and then leaping about from one branch to another. Certainly quite energetic and very amusing. Whatever they were doing it looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

It's another bright and sunny spring morning. I just hope the weather remains warm and dry for the next couple of weeks, during which time we will be going away for a well-earned holiday.
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