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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Whipsnade Again

We may have abandoned our holiday due to Storm Katie rampaging across the South of England, but we made up for it by visiting Whipsnade Zoo again. We arrived just after 10.30 and there were very few people about. It threatened rain and we parked near the rhino enclosure. We saw the cheetahs. There were four milling around their enclosure. We then walked through the centre of the zoo to the Lions of the Serengeti exhibit and were surprised to see the lions so close to the viewing window. We have never been that close, the lionesses and one male. We got some fantastic photographs. I would say we were no more than eight feet from them, but, of course, there was safety glass in between them and us! Probably just as well. They had just been fed. 

By now it was getting really cloudy and seemed as if it would rain. We got in the car and drove towards the cafe and had coffee and cake. Always a good stand-by. Carol suggested we take a ride of the steam train that goes around the zoo, something we have never done before. We saw areas of the site which you wouldn't otherwise see. We noticed that they are constructing a brand new elephant house, due to open in 2017. We're not entirely sure what it will be like but they seem to be up-grading a lot of the exhibits. It had looked tatty for years and it was about time things were brought into the 21st century. We walked towards the elephant enclosure and most, if not all, the elephants were in an enclosure away from the building work. Then we visited the butterfly house which is very interesting and worth a visit and because it was cold it was great to walk into the heated space.We drove around to the zoo entrance and visited the lemurs. One of the females has given birth and was carrying her offspring around with her. We love these little animals as they are so lively and attractive.

We completed our visit to the shop and then home, visiting Marks and Spencers on the way to buy food for the evening's meal.
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