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Saturday, January 14, 2017

850th blog post: Snow and Cold

Incidentally, this is my 850th blog post. I can't believe I've managed to keep writing it for so long, and so consistently.

The weather has made a sudden turn for the worse over the past couple of days. The temperature has dropped considerably. We had a few days with things well below zero. We had been given fair warning on the television weather forecast. A couple of early mornings we've been out to the car and found ice on the windscreen and the windows, so it's just as well I remembered to stock up on spray de-icer. The aerosol versions are fine, but they don't last long. I got a plastic bottle with a trigger on it from Waitrose last week when we went shopping. These bottles are very good and supposed to be better for the environment but it takes some effort to get the spray to come out. You have to sort of 'prime' them to start and trying to keep a fine mist coming out is difficult. I suppose they don't need the propellant that an aerosol uses, the part which is supposed to be bad for the environment. I think they call them C.F.C'S, but I'm not sure what the initials stand for. I think they are the gasses which are supposed to be harmful to the ozone layer or something, and used to be used as refrigerants in freezers and fridges. Perhaps they don't use them any more and have been replaced. Carol would know, as she's a science teacher.

Yesterday morning it was cold and it rained early on. Carol has been hoping it would snow because if it does and it's deep, they will close the Academy. I can see why, as it can be dangerous, slippery, icy and nasty getting in and out of the place and the carpark would be difficult to walk across and keep free of snow and ice. I don't think we ever had a day off school because of ice or snow. In my day you just got on with things. I expect it's because of our old mate 'Health and Safety.' If someone fell over and twisted their ankle or broke a leg they might sue the Academy or worse. It started snowing mid-morning and it seemed it might continue and we've have a white-out. I suppose it did begin to settle, but it only lasted about an hour or two and seemed to fizzle out, so no chance that there would close the Academy early and Carol would have an extra-long weekend. I think she was disappointed when all this didn't materialise. Never mind. The sun made a vain attempt to show it's face, even if it was very weak and watery. Even so, it remained very cold, with more thin rain. The rest of the country has had some snow, in the north of England and along the East Coast they have severe weather warnings. I think they were expecting a tidal surge or something. 

We had planned to go for a swim at Nuffield Health, but by the time 3.30 came around (Carol finishes work early on a Friday.) we decided against it, as it was far too cold. Although it would have been nice to swim there as the water is usually quite warm and the sauna and steam room is good as relief for my back pain. Also, sitting in the jacuzzi is also really pleasant. Although, saying that, when we went to Nuffield on Wednesday we hot water was off. They had a notice at reception, telling us of this, and that a mechanic had been alerted and things would return to normal once things had been repaired, but it was not pleasant to have to shower under cold water. By the time we left for home it, apparently, had been restored to working order. tidal surge.

We went swimming at Nuffield last Sunday, after Church. We consider that we're getting value from our membership if we go there three times a week. We have now set up our membership and have even bought padlocks for use on the doors of the lockers in the changing rooms. These have combinations instead of keys. If you don't have your own padlock, they give you one to use and the key is on a rubber wrist band which you put on your arm. I prefer a combination lock as it means you don't have to worry about loosing the key, which might fall off in the swimming pool or somewhere else.
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