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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alfie Attacked by Stray Dog

As I've mentioned in an earlier blog post, now that it's getting warmer and the days brighter earlier, we walk to Milton Keynes Academy with Alfie on his lead. But this morning it was a good deal colder and there was a slight fog. No sooner had we left the house and were walking along Golden Drive than this small terrier came out of nowhere and started to attack Alfie. It was a Jack Russel terrier, small (about the same size as Alfie) with a lot of white and patches of tan along it back. It was quite intent on getting hold of Alfie, so I immediately picked him up while Carol chased it back into the estate (somewhere within Griffon Close.) It came back a second time, but after that Carol managed to get rid of it somehow and it didn't follow us onto the Redway as we continued on our walk towards the Academy. I was somewhat shaken up by this, as we don't normally get dogs coming at us like that. I'm wondering where it might have come from, did it escape from one of the houses somewhere within Eaglestone? Had the owners let it out and not been aware of where the dog had gone? I like to think not, but you never know what other people do with their dogs. There is a dog which I can hear most days, barking constantly, somewhere in the direction of Griffon Close. if it has escaped, then the owners should take better care of their pet. If it's a danger to other dogs and this little bitch (sorry, but it was such) then it needs to be kept under control. It was certainly going to hurt Alfie which is why I picked him up. Carol was concerned that I was in danger of being bitten, which I wasn't aware of. I was just concerned for Alfie's safety. We'll have to keep a good look-out for that nasty little dog again when we are out with Alfie again. Well, I don't know what Alfie's thoughts on the matter was. He kept yapping as we continued our journey. Probably telling us that he didn't appreciate being attacked. Usually, when we're out and about with Alfie and we meet other dogs they are under control and are friendly and never have we met another dog that wanted to harm either of our dogs. This is particularly unpleasant since we lost Poppy a month or so ago. I must just say that Alfie hasn't received any sort of injury. He wasn't bitten by the attacking dog, thank goodness. I don't know whether he might have if I hadn't managed to scoop him up. I'm just so pleased he hasn't been hurt. As I write this he's currently curled up of the sofa near me fast asleep.
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