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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Swimming At Nuffield Health

Daniel phoned early this morning. He has been selected for a second interview for the job he came back to Milton Keynes last week, as mentioned in my blog post of a couple of days ago. So we expect him to come back home in two week's time. At least he has good news.

We went swimming at Nuffield Health at Kent's Hill on Tuesday and then again this morning (Thursday.) When we arrived we thought it was very quiet and empty. On going through to the swimming pool I found it full of people in the water and music playing. There was an aqua aerobics or something. Not sure exactly what they call it, but doing exercise of some sort whilst standing in the swimming pool and, frankly making an exhibition of themselves. Can't resist laughing as it looked quite comical, to say the least. It did mean we couldn't get in the water and swim, so I went in the sauna for about ten minutes, followed by the steam room for another ten and then joined Carol in the spa (jacuzzi) for a good 15 minutes.  Not sure I would want to make such an exhibition of myself by joining in. Then those doing the exercise in the pool came out and we were able to get in the pool to swim. By this time I wasn't exactly over-keen to swim, my enthusiasm had unfortunately wained considerably but I managed around ten lengths of the pool. Having got dressed and by then feeling quite hungry we drove to Waitrose to have a snack. This is on our route back home at Oakgrove. A coffee and sandwich in the café and buying a few bits for our evening meal.

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