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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Swimming At Nuffield Health

We haven't been swimming at Nuffield Health at Kent's Hill for a while. Mostly down to one or two factors, ill-health, for both of us, but mostly just life in general. But this morning we went. It has been a rather strange morning, weather-wise. Somewhat undecided, raining one minute and then the next, bright sunshine. Because Carol is on Half Term this week we don't have to get up early. Generally we're up by 5.45, drinking tea and watching Breakfast on BBC1. I think at the moment we might actually skip the news, what with terrorist attacks in Manchester and General Election stuff. I don't like it when either party leaders start making personal attacks. I'm not going to get into politics on here. Always a good thing to steer well clear of at the best of times, but at least it will be over in around 9 days. Thankfully our electoral system doesn't drag on relentlessly as it does in America, for at least a year. Ours is over in a matter of weeks. Then, regarding the Manchester terrorist attack. Why do the television companies and mainly the BBC think it's necessary to carry hours and hours of discussion and analysis of the subject? Particularly when a lot of the pictures are repeated and we've had the same bits of film shown in a sort of loop. Is it supposed to help the families and friends of the unfortunate victims of this outrage? I know it was awful, but, please, stop harping on about it and why do they insist on planting their reporters in places in and around Manchester and just talking endlessly about the tragedy? Enough is enough. Actually playing into the hands of those who were responsible and giving them publicity.

It was quite busy when we arrived at Kent's Hill and parked the car. You have to be careful where you park, as it's on a slope. I know our car has good brakes, but I don't like leaving it on a slope. Just keep thinking it's going to run away. I know it won't, but it doesn't help that I get the feeling that it might. There were a few people swimming up and down the pool as I walked in. Still managed to do around 20 lengths of the pool. Then into the sauna and then the steam room. Back in the pool for a further couple of lengths. Then some of the centre's staff started setting up for what I presume is called aqua aerobics. We got to the pool at the wrong time a few weeks ago and had to get out of the pool when all these people started doing these water-based exercises, lead by this woman who waved her arms around to loud music. Today one woman swimmer took one of the plastic steps and placed it in the pool. I think she was one of those people who was very particular where she stood (or sat) and wanted to make sure nobody else got her place in the pool. There's always someone like this in every group of people who meet, for whatever reason. They insist on sitting in exactly the same place, on the same chair, on a bus, a train, in a church, theatre or wherever. They get really upset if they can't. If someone comes along and alters their little bit of space, or wants to sit or stand where they've stood or sat for the past 30 years or so. Come rain or shine. A sort of territorial trait of some sort. Wars have been started over lesser things. Sad, really. But we sat in the jacuzzi and could see this going on and this particular woman wasn't backing down and insisted on having her step-stool left where it was. Oh dear, what a fuss.

We left to get dressed and then went to Waitrose, which is only a short distance from Nuffield Health. As we both have My Waitrose cards we can have free tea or coffee although you have to buy something to eat as well if you use the café. Not unreasonable I suppose. It's generally a very nice place to sit and eat, but when I'd paid for our food and carried it to where Carol was sitting amidst some nice upholstered  armchairs and sofas, I had to shift a load of dirty cups and plates left from a previous customer. Unfortunately not up to Waitrose's generally good customer-care, as it's generally spick and span and then the pastry I had chosen seemed somewhat under baked. Oh dear, things are slipping, sad to report. 

From Waitrose we drove to IKEA because we're looking at the possibility of replacing our sofa and my armchair. The one I chose a couple of months ago isn't the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in (which I am as I write this blog post.) There are plenty to choose from and in the end we've decided to order on line because it would be easy to let IKEA deliver the chair as it would be difficult to carry it home in the car. The place is heaving. I don't think I've ever seen it so busy. Mostly in the restaurant. I can see why, because the food is good and very good value. I have a feeling people go in there to use the restaurant and not necessarily to just buy furniture and household items.

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