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Friday, January 08, 2010

First Casting

I got a text yesterday lunchtime from Casting Collective, to work on a new film starring Colin Firth, called "The King's Speech."  They emailed me to give more details. I'm not sure whether I have actually been selected, so I'm waiting to hear whether I have to go to Elstree for a haircut, as this film is set in the 1930's.  As usually happens, they ask for people's availability before things go further. The actual filming date is around 17th January 'somewhere in central London.' I need a black suit and shoes, which I didn't have. Well, at least it shows that I'm up and running with this agency. Just have to see whether I get used on this film. Watch this space.

We were going to drive Daniel back to St Albans late this afternoon. Carol was under the impression that the roads were clear. I wasn't  quite so convinced. She had a telephone call from the Academy to say that it would be open today. We got part-way down the A5, when Daniel announced that he wasn't feeling well, so we went to Asda to get him some medication. As we got through the door we saw a display of black suits, being sold for £19 for the jacket and £6 for trousers, so we decided to buy a suit for me. Also, some black shoes. Even if I'm not used in this film, I'll at least have it ready for when it's needed.
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