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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ice and Snow- Day 2

Another day of ice and snow. Carol had a call at around 7.30 a.m. to say that the Academy wouldn't be opening today, so we went back to bed. Not much else you can do, really, as it seems to be the warmest, and, frankly, the safest place at the moment.

As I write this (12.20 p.m.) it is fairly sunny outside, but it's difficult to know whether the sun is warm enough to melt the snow sufficiently to make driving and mere walking safe.

It seems really incredible that, in the early 21st century, with so much technology at our disposal, a modern city such as Milton Keynes can come to a virtual stand-still due to the weather. After our experiences in the snow last winter, I'm not hoping that  gritting the road within Milton Keynes will be done, because last year it seemed Milton Keynes Council were very slack in their ability to clear the grid roads. We saw gritters on that fateful day, but they were out far to late to make any difference. And it's not just the grid roads which need clearing. The roads within the grids (ie Crownhill) are really iced up and dangerous, and, as we found last time, it's the bit of road leading in and out of roundabouts that you have to be most careful of, as these areas quite often still have ice and snow and, unless you brake carefully, you're quite likely to slide and slip, and thus causing accidents. Also, it can be really deceptive, as there can be black ice on areas of road which look clear, and it is then that you find the car slipping all over the place. This must have been what happened to various cars we have seen up-ended on the verge at several points around Milton Keynes.
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