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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ice and Snow- Day 4

So, here we are, it's Day 4 of the Great Freeze-Up. We can't go anywhere today, so we're indoors. The news on television is that local authorities are running out of grit to put on the roads, so the government, in it's wisdom, has taken the decision to force councils that have too much grit and give it to those that haven't any, or not enough. Milton Keynes Council unfortunately came out and said that they had more than enough, which now means it's gone elsewhere, and meanwhile, the roads around here are not being gritted. You'd think that someone could have made sure that there was enough grit and salt ordered earlier enough in the year, but no, they haven't.

Carol is marking books. Someone outside in the road is scraping snow with a shovel and making an awful noise. It is so awful, if they don't stop soon they are likely to find the shovel wrapped around their head. Is it really necessary to keep on making that appaling din? Obsessive, is what I call it. Just when you want some peace and quiet, some idiot has to decide that the road/pavement needs clearing.

Do we or don't we usually get a cold spell sometime between December and March? It's not as if it's unexpected to get snow, so why does our entire transport system come to a grinding halt?  Trains don't run, the airports are closed, and the motorways are blocked up. If that's the case, why don't people just STAY AT HOME, which is what the AA and other motoring authorties are saying. What happened last year? We had the cold and snow a good deal later than this year, so you'd have thought some official somwhere might have taken the decision to order extra, but it's obvious that that hasn't been done.
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