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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice and Snow- Day 6

It seems as if there's been a further fall of snow overnight, and quite a hard frost. Carol has gone in to the Academy. They have had to open up as there are exams today. The roads don't appear to be gritted, although some of the more major grid roads around Milton Keynes look as if they might have been salted.

I've been in to Patterson's office in the centre of the City. I usually park in Sainsbury's and walk across to the office to deliver any timesheets I have, as they need to be in by 10 a.m. on a Monday for payment on the following Friday. The pavement outside Sainsbury's had been gritted, but none of the pavements or the walk-way through to the office had been treated and I nearly slipped over on the way. So, I had to wak very slowly to avoid a mishap. On the way back I went into Sainsbury's for a few things. I am getting really good at using the self-service tills,  paid and went out.

The weather is getting somewhat annoying. It's stopping people getting around properly. The roads continue to be hazardous, particularly where they haven't been treated with salt or grit. I have skidded about on several occasions, and it has been difficult getting in and out of some places, such as carparks and the roads leading into Crownhill and the Academy. It looked as if someone had spent some time and effort shovelling snow at the Academy when we got there this morning. I'm getting really bored with being at home and really would prefer to be working, in whatever capacity that is.

I have now had a text message from Casting Collective, which came at around 1.30 this afternoon, to say that they were sorry that they were slow in responding, but I wasn't selected for "The King's Speech", but there was more work in the pipeline. I wondered why they hadn't replied sooner, but that is the way things go in the film business. Just have to be patient and wait for something else to come in.
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