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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow and Ice- Day 5

The snow is still lying around and it must have frozen hard last night. The surface of the road outside this house appears to be a good deal less iced up this morning. We got up in good time to get to church at Shenley Brook End School, but we got there at around 10.20 to find that the service had been cancelled, because the carpark was completely snowed up and it was considered by the school to be far too dangerous to use. The road in and out of the campus was really badly snowed up. We decided, as we were so close, to go to Morrison's and do some shopping. It's actually a good time to go shopping as there aren't that many people in the supermarket.

We went to Budgen's on the way home but nearly didn't manage to get the car out of the carpark as there is so much ice and snow the car wheels can't get enough traction to get out, but after several attempts the car reverses and we can get out, thankfully.
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