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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No End to the Freeze

 I thought we were supposed to expect a thaw. It seemed to start yesterday, but this morning there is still a fine layer of snow over the road. We took some time to remove around 2 inches of snow from the car before we could drive out of Crownhill. The roads are really trecherous. There's been absolutely no grit or salt on any road surface we went on as we drove towards Bletchley to fetch Steve again. We had to drive really slowly along the grid roads and if we had to stop, this had to be done really carefully, otherwise there was the possibility of sliding into the car in front. As I write this post (9.30 a.m.) there is a fairly constant fall of snow. It's not heavy, but fine and steady, but it's snowing all the same. If it continues there will be a virtual white-out in Crownhill.
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