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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Signs Of Spring

It seems a good deal milder today. Carol and I decided it was time to bring my fridge in from the garage, where it has been stored since we got married nearly three years ago. It was easy to get at, fortunately, although we had to move some items which were in the way. It didn't take much effort to carry it through the garden and into the house and through the French Windows. It is now plugged in and working, although it is going to require some cleaning. As we came out of the garage we noticed that the tree near the garage is in bud, so a real sign that spring is on the way. Also, we still have the little Christmas tree in the house, and it was moved in preparation for bringing the fridge into the house. Carol noticed that this, too, is showing signs of growth, on the side nearest the wall. I have been careful to water this tree, but not too much. Also, there are crocuses coming up on the grass verge along the side of the road coming into Crownhill. Definite signs of spring.
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