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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drive To Bedford

I took Carol to the Academy early this morning. I should really say that she drove and I drove back. There has been a fall of snow over-night. It seemed very fine and almost like granulated sugar. The surface of the road going through Crownhill was really slippery. We got to the bottom of Hendrix Drive and the intersection with Munro Drive, and Carol put her foot on the brakes and the car almost didn't stop. A rather nasty grinding noise which was the tyres on the surface of the road. There was a possibility that we were going to end up in the house opposite and join the family inside for breakfast! It was quite traumatic, to say the least. We managed the rest of the journey without further mishap.

I dropped Carol at the Academy, came home and had some breakfast and then drove over to the Registery Office in Bedford. I was somewhat reluctant, considering the snow and ice, but as it turned out there was very little snow or ice on the roads.  It seems that the estates within Milton Keynes are the worst hit by the night's snow, and I had no problems. Bedford's traffic system seems just as bad as it always was when I lived there, particularly going into Bedford from Bromham, and all along Shakespeare Road. I got to the Registry Office and could find nowhere to park the car, so had to find a space off-street in one of the roads off Brickhill Drive and then walk into the office. There seems to be no problem getting a full Birth Cirtificate , although it costs £7 and they will post it out to me 2nd Class and so it should get to me in a couple of day's time, so that is one less problem to worry about.
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