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Monday, July 05, 2010

Swiss Garden

Carol and I went out on Saturday. We haven't had a day out for some while and decided to go somewhere not too far away. We went to the Swiss Garden at Old Warden in Bedfordshire. It has been such a warm Summer and this place is perhaps best seen when the weather is warm and sunny. It really is such a beautiful place. I have been there before, many years ago, as I used to live in Bedfordshire, but I don't remember it being quite such a tranquil place. It is part of Shuttleworth, and I always knew it was near the aeroplane museum at Old Warden, but when I've been before I'm certain we parked the other side of the road. You now go into the Shuttleworth Collection car park and pay in the shop, and then go into the garden, or you can go to see the aeroplane collection and there is also a bird of pray exhibition, which, I assume, is in the college building, or in a building nearby.
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