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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Takes Hold

It's been fairly warm and mild over the past few days, but today it seems a good deal colder. There seem to be more leaves outside the house. I went along the Redway towards the Academy with Carol today and it's like an explosion in a Corn Flakes factory as there has been a great fall of leaves outside the Academy. 

Daniel has gone to Alton Towers with his college mates. He's doing a computer course and seems to have settled in alright. I can't say I envy him as I'm not a great fan of theme parks. The bus he was going on left at 8.45, a little over 25 minutes ago (as I write this.

I can hear someone using a chain-saw or something outside. Perhaps it's Council workers cutting down trees or something. I can't see exactly what it is, but perhaps I will find out later. The dogs are running in and out of the house, Alfie, particularly, is barking, no doubt he can hear the noise of the chain saw. They bark at anything and everything.

I have now seen the workmen making their noise with whatever gadget it is. They have appeared over the back garden fence, in their bright yellow safety helmets, and busily cutting some of the trees at the back of our house and overlooking the Redway which runs to the rear of this property.

We've had to ring our landlord, or rather the agency who manages this property, as there have been one or two problems which need to be solved, to wit, the floorboards outside the bathroom on the landing. The floor is somewhat spongy there, meaning that whenever you walk on that particular bit of floor it sinks slightly.  It does need repair, otherwise their is going to be a nasty accident with someone falling through the floor! I have rung the agency and this morning their handyman came and has lifted the old, broken floorboards, revealing quite a  hole. As I write this the dogs are locked in the bedroom and he has gone off to get some planks to replace the broken ones. He is also going to have to sort out the boiler, as it doesn't work properly. The thing comes on but seems very reluctant to actually heat sufficient water for a bath or so that I can do the washing up. As winter takes hold and the weather changes we are definitely going to need heating, so it really does need attention.

I am attempting to write a novel. This is something that I have been meaning to do for many years, and I have had several ideas on what this might be, but over the last few months I have been making fairly good headway with this project. Do keep on watching this space for further developments. I'm really surprised how much I have managed to write thus far. 

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