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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunny, But Cold

The weather is deceptive. If I look out of the window it is bright and sunny, but as soon as I get outside it's strikes really chilly, so a coat is required. I did some washing on Tuesday, when it was sunny and warm. It was hung out on the line in the garden, but there was a short sharp rainstorm so we bought it back in, but next day I put it all out once more and it was soon dried.

We took both dogs for a walk along the Redway as far as Woughton Green (actually pronounced 'Wow-ton' and not 'Wuff-ton' as I had expected. It doesn't make a lot of sense when there is a village near here called Loughton which is pronounced 'Low-ton.') We let the dogs off their leads. Poppy just pootles around, sniffing and exploring, whilst Alfie runs off and enjoys his freedom. Every time someone comes along, either walking or on a bicycle, Alfie has to run up to them and ingratiate himself, going 'hello, talk to me, stroke me!' and so on. He doesn't run off far, and just a call from us brings him back. As long as we're within ear/eye shot he's happy. We have to put their leads on when we approach the road, as there is no telling whether there will be traffic, although the road is devoid of any cars or other vehicles. We go under the main road, Marlborough Street and walk over the canal bridge at Peartree Bridge. I'm not so sure that either dog won't decide to jump in the canal, so we are glad that the dogs are on their leads again. There is a dog being walked along the opposite side of the canal and ducks that Poppy looks likely to decide to chase. Several months ago we walked in the opposite direction with both dogs, let them off their leads and Alfie ran off, jumped a low wall and landed up in the canal, much to his great surprise! I don't think he'll be trying that trick again in a hurry. We managed to fish him out, and he had to run around for quite a while, looking for all the world like a drowned rat, until he dried out completely. Anyway, there are a couple of young swans drifting along on the canal, and as soon as the dogs approach they hiss. I think it's more a sort of 'keep your distance' sort of sound rather than any sort of aggressive intention, but I'm not too keen to discover what they're likely to do. We walked on along the canal until we came to the next bridge back over the canal and walked back the opposite way through Woughton village, following a path which goes through this really nice orchard and then back across the village green and back, in a loop, towards the canal and then eventually along the Redway towards home.

We took the dogs out again this morning, when we walked through the park in Eaglestone, and as we were about to leave the house the workman came to the door, ready to install two smoke alarms and put some hardboard along the landing where he'd repaired the floor. We let the dogs off to run in the park, Alfie going crazy and barking madly, and he jumped up to grab the lead and nipped Carol on the arm in the process. I don't think he meant to hurt her, he was just being over-zealous. Just the thought of going out and being free to run for a while had gone to his head. We went as far as the shop and bought some rolls for our lunch and some chocolate. One can never do without chocolate, as I'm sure you'll agree.

I must have told you that I'd stopped taking Pravastatin. This was a result, if you remember, of my last time being in hospital, when I mentioned to the consultant the muscular pain I have experienced since having my heart attack. Mostly due to taking statins. I was prescribed this medication as it controls my cholestrol levels. I was prescribed various types of statins, which do more or less the same thing in that they keep my cholestrol levels within safe boundaries in order to prevent a further blood clot and another heart attack. The first sort I took, when I was originally in hospital, gave me side-effects similar to flu. I only knew this when I discussed it with one of the nurses who cared for me on the C.C.U. I eventually ended up taking Pravastatin, which seems the statin that my body is most tolerant of, apart from the muscle pains, particularly in my legs and stomach. Well, I have started taking Pravastatin again, as the one month's rest from it has come to an end, and what happens? The muscle pain has started up again.  My medication at present is at follows: Bisoprolol 10 mg tablets and Dispersible Asprin 75mg, one tablet dissolved in water. Taken around 6 a.m. each day. Isorbide Mononitrate Tablets 20mg. currently taken at 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Originally taken at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. but times changed due to side effects. The headaches have now worn off, but I still feel somewhat light headed as a result of taking this medication. Pravastatin taken in the evening, round about bedtime.

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