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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Walk to City Centre

We walked into Milton Keynes City Centre the other morning. We walked along the Grand Union Canal, which is a reasonably short walk along the Redway from here.

It was cold, but still bright and sunny, so we decided to take the digital camera with us, as we usually do when we go out. On the walk along the canal we saw a fox hiding in the undergrowth. It was staring at me for a long time and I managed to take some photographs of it. We went through Campbell Park and then into John Lewis's store. The place is already decked out in Christmas decorations and they have a great department where you can see a fine selection of Christmas decorations to buy. Middleton Hall in the shopping centre has a large Christmas spectacular each year and no doubt that will be installed in the next two weeks. This usually has a Father Christmas grotto, something like a train ride, carousel ride and somewhere for you to throw cash for charity and lots of animatronic characters. Last year it was based on "Wind In The Willows," and the year before that, if my memory is right, it had a pirate theme.

I am currently doing a proofreading and editing course and we're paying in monthly installments, but the bank has messed things up and not taken the correct amount so we went to the NatWest bank in the shopping centre to sort this out so that the account is back in credit. We then went into several shops to look for a shirt for my birthday. We eventually found more or less what I wanted in Debenhams, and so we will go back later to buy one.

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