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Sunday, December 05, 2010

No Snow

It's quite sunny as I write this (1.30 p.m.) We've been to church, and there was hardly anyone there when we arrived. It was cold, so might that explain so few people? Although people turned up once the service began.  Perhaps people go to the 12 noon service and not the 10 o'clock service due to the weather.  There's going to be a Carol service on 19th December, which may be fun to attend. Mulled wine and mincepies will be served. As good a reason to go out on a cold December evening! 

Yesterday we drove over to Westcroft to go shopping at Morrisons and it was really quite foggy. It seemed a good deal thicker there than in Eaglestone. Might it be something to do with there being more water there than here? Is it higher there than here, or higher here than there? I don't know. Carol shopped for some clothes in one of the other stores, then to Morrisons for groceries.
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