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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Christmas Tree Shopping Trip

We bought a real Christmas tree last year, not particularly large, but we didn't want to have an artificial one, and a real one with roots which we could put in the garden and would grow gradually, and then bring into the house to decorate for Christmas. We got one at a really good garden centre up the A5 beyond Milton Keynes. It was reasonably priced and came complete with it's own rather nice pot in which it was pre-planted. If you buy a tree which has no roots it tends to shed it's needles and they drop all over the carpet and the tree dries out and this even before the Christmas holiday season is over. You then land up with a tatty, dried out Christmas tree which has to be disposed of some how or other. Which is why we had decided on a live Christmas tree with roots last year. Unfortunately, the bottom half of the tree has died off, but the top has remained green and healthy. The little tree has been outside the house since we moved here last February, but it doesn't really make a very good tree to bring into the house for use as a Christmas tree to be decorated. So, yesterday afternoon, immediately after church, we went back to the same garden centre and bought another tree, around the same size as the first one. It is now decorated, complete with some rather pretty lights which we got in Tesco's on Saturday morning. These are LED, battery operated lights, which means you can put the tree wherever you like without the disadvantage of having cable trailing over the floor from a mains electric socket. 
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