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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunny and Bright

For the past few days it's been sunny and bright, but it's still chilly. 

On Saturday we did our usual shop in Tesco's. We also went to Marks and Spencer's to spend some of our vouchers we were given for Christmas. I do 'on-line' surveys and have had a £20 voucher for my efforts, so that went towards the buying activities. I bought a rather smart shirt with a floral motif, together with a lightweight jumper (which, it turned out, didn't fit, having tried it on when we got home. Several sizes too small, even though it was marked as 'Large.' Either sizes have shrunk since I last bought a jumper, or I've got larger (!). ) Carol bought a long-sleeved T shirt top. The idea of my jumper was that I will wear it when I go for the photo shoot for the agency in Birmingham on Saturday. 

Tesco's had a range of items for sale half price and less, mostly household cleaning materials, so we stocked up on bleach, kitchen cleaner, washing-up liquid and so on. We also bought food for our evening meal, a two-course meal for two together with a bottle of wine for just £10. It amazes me how they can do this deal, as the bottle of wine alone would cost around £5 if bought on it's own. 
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