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Monday, January 17, 2011

Trip to Birmingham

I had an appointment in Birmingham on Saturday lunchtime, so Carol drove us there. I had to be at an agency office to register at 12.30 and have photographs done for this television extra agency's casting book and website. We had to get to the Jewellery Quarter, and thankfully, once we left the M6 Motorway and headed for the centre of Birmingham, it was really well signposted. There were plenty of places to park, and it cost £1.20 for two hours. My major worry was not just being able to find the place, but parking. In Central London you would never ever consider driving in and finding a place to park, and would travel there by train and cross London my Underground, but this area of Birmingham seemed really quite pleasant. 

Compared to the last time I went to sign up with a television agency (see earlier post) it seemed a good deal more friendly and organised. The photographer did at least give you the chance to see the photographs he had taken, as they were done digitally and once they were taken were displayed on a computer monitor. One was re-done. I will send them further photos of my own which can be put on their files. The other agency took photos, but you didn't have the option to choose which were the best, or to re-take any. 

We didn't stay in Birmingham once the appointment was over and drove back to Milton Keynes immediately. There was a really strong wind blowing, which made driving quite difficult. We stopped off at Tesco's in Buckingham to do some shopping before driving the rest of the way home.
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