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Monday, March 28, 2011

Back To Work

Carol has gone back to work today. She had a second week off, due to the horrible cough. The doctor had given her a sick note for the first week and she went back last Monday and he gave her a second week off. Bronchitis was the cause of the problem. I was booked to have a blood test also on Monday, at 9 a.m. but the nurse could not take any blood as she couldn't find a vein. I'm not going to be prodded and probed in order to have blood taken as it isn't going to happen, so she is looking in to me going to hospital and getting someone there to take blood. Seems somewhat drastic but it seems to be the only way it's going to happen.

The weather has improved dramatically. It's quite mild and pleasant this morning. The clocks have gone forward (during the night of Saturday/Sunday.) which always makes things better as the days seem longer. We'll get more light in the evenings, which means we can go out with the dogs once Carol finishes work. We took them to Stockgrove Park near Leighton Buzzard and walked around the lake the other morning. We kept Poppy on her lead as she has a propensity to head for the lake and have a swim, which disturbs the ducks and generally causes havoc. Alfie has learnt his lesson, as regards jumping in water, so keeps clear of the lake! As soon as we let him off his lead, having released him from the cage in the back of the car, (he has to be put in this cage as he won't sit still inside the car otherwise and it is far safer than driving with him getting entangled in the steering wheel and gear stick and insisting on sitting on the driver's lap as well as making a great deal of noise.) he started barking and yapping, telling all and sundry that he had arrived! Both dogs returned home with bits of twigs and leaves attached to their coats, and we found bits of Stockgrove vegetation on the lounge floor which they bought home with them. 
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