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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signs Of Spring

Goodness gracious! What's this? The sun is out and there are definite signs of spring. There are daffodills blooming outside the Academy and crocuses are popping up all along the Milton Keynes grid roads.  Having said all this, the roads around here are in a really bad state of repair, most likely as a result of three really bad winters. There are potholes on many of the grid roads and roundabouts which are really hard to avoid. Some of the drains along the kerbs are in such a bad state of disrepair, particularly where you come off the roundabouts, that you have a really difficulty avoiding. I wonder how many people have their cars damaged by these pothole and put in claims for compensation from Milton Keynes Council.  This may account for one of our front tyres always loosing pressure as it always needs air putting into it as it is always virtually flat whenever we go out in the car.

There has been something of a cold wind blowing, not metaphorically, but genuinely and when I dropped off Carol at the Academy this morning we almost got blown away! Hopefully if the weather holds up we can go out this weekend. Let's hope so.
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