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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Medications

I had  been for a Doctor's appointment on Monday. It took somewhere in the region of 40 minutes to get through to the surgery. You ring the number and the recorded voice says 'putting you through to the surgery' and then there's a pause . . .  That awful bland music really gets on your nerves. Why can't they play something different? Then you get told 'the surgery is experiencing a high level of calls. Please ring back later.' Then the thing hangs up, very unceremoniously, without any sort of apology and that's that. You just have to keep ringing and ringing until you get an answer. I got a 'call-back' eventually, then, when you DO get through (after being told you are being held in a queue!) you have to go through a menu, and work out what you want! By the time you do actually get through, you forget what you had rung for in the first place, as well as loosing the will to live!

I had made the appointment as I was concerned about the fact that the last time I had gone for a blood test the nurse couldn't  find a vein in my arm and gave up on the blood-taking. I was expecting to hear that she had sorted out some alternative to this, but as yet nothing. The doctor looked at my arm and said that he could see nothing wrong and that my veins were fine for taking blood. So I have made another appointment for this blood-test for this Monday morning. Let's hope that it's a little more successful than last time.

I haven't been able to sleep properly for around a month now. I wake up in the night and then can't get back to sleep. The doctor has put me on Citropram for this. I have started taking it. I also mentioned the fact that during my last medications review I was told I should be on a drug for my blood pressure (hypertension) and was given a prescription for Candesartan when I put in my last repeat prescription. I mistakenly thought it was a statin (which have caused many side-effects over the time I have been on heart medications) so didn't immediately have the prescription made up. The doctor told me I should resume taking it, so I have since had the prescription made up and began taking these tablets yesterday morning.

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