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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Council Van Drivers Intimidation

Yesterday morning I decided to go to Tesco's at Kingston, and go to Boot's The Chemist (which is in the same shopping complex as Tesco's) to get the Candesartan prescription made up. I have started buying a really good magazine for writers and have only seen it in Tesco's and W.H.Smith's in Milton Keynes Central Shopping Centre. I was somewhat annoyed to find that it wasn't on the magazine shelves, so I went back to get my medications in Boots and then drove home. I came out of the car park and onto Chaffron Way. When I got to the large roundabout on Tongwell Street I had to wait to let quite a large amount of traffic filter through from the right. As I was waiting, there were quite a few vehicles building up behind me. I could see that one was a Milton Keynes lorry with workmen in. It shuffled forward, and then I got onto the roundabout when there was a safe space to do so. This vehicle was very close behind me, and it seemed as if it was attempting to make me go faster and faster. It was really close and I could see this in the rear-view mirror. As I drove along Chaffron Way, the driver was attempting more and more to make me drive faster, or to at least move out of the way. I managed to remember the vehicle registration number, even though it was in reverse in my mirror. The workmen in this vehicle seemed to be enjoying the fact that I was in a small car and they were driving a large vehicle. When I reached the roundabout at Marlborough Street, the Council vehicle turned off right towards the City centre, and continued on towards Eaglestone. I turned into the estate near the shops, and drew up at the side of the road to write the Council vehicle number down on a piece of paper before I got home. When I eventually got in I rang the Council offices and complained about their driver's attitude to me on the road and was given a verbal apology, and that I would be contacted by the Fleet Manager who was in charge of the workmen in that vehicle.
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